CPU Governor abandoned

This is a screenlet for GNOME and XFCE desktop environments. The screenlet is designed to be a graphical frontend for the command line tools cpufreq.

I wrote this back in 2009, but abandoned the project rather quickly as newer Ubuntu releases contained something similar.


  • Display current status (cpufreq governor, CPU speed).
  • Change the cpufreq governor.
  • Change limits for CPU speed.

Known Bugs and TODO


  • Automatic switching of the governor when plugging in or out of the power supply.
  • Reshape code to a nicer form.


  • Sometimes the cpufreq governor is changed without user request.
  • Calling cpufreq does not work using "subprocess.Popen"; instead the older "os.popen" had to be used.



Be careful, this screenlet is still a alpha version. Use on your own risk., when you download it.