Everything's easier with a flow chart

Yesterday Lydia asked me to help her with a logic riddle. As a scientist knowing no better approach I converted the riddle into a flow chart.

With help of the chart solving the riddle becomes really easy.

The Riddle

  • Leonhart (L) says: Caspar is lying if and only if Sigmund is telling the truth.
  • Caspar (C) says: If Ekarius is telling the truth, only one of Leonhart or Sigmund is lying.
  • Ekarius (E) says: Balthasar is lying. Also Leonhart or Caspar is.
  • Sigmund (S) says: If Caspar is telling the truth, so is Leonhart or Ekarius.
  • Balthasar (B) says: Among Leonhart, Ekarius and Sigmund ist at least one lying.

Two of them are lying. Who are they?

The Flow Chart

Flow Chart

Dear Internet Explorer users, if you are wondering why you can't see the flow chart, it might be due to the fact, that your browser (prior to version 9) has no capabilities of rendering scalable vector graphics (SVG). Even version 10 might have serious problems in doing so.