Due to my position as a PhD student I also have to give minor lectures or advise students doing exercises. So I have the pleaseure to give a Python programming course this week.

At the moment this is the fourth day of the course and I'm already short on stuff to tell the people. While I'm sitting here and writing, the participiants of the course are programming and asking me for advise once a while.

Therefore I'm at the brink of dying of boredom. But fortunately I had a little computer problem which I fixed just a few moments ago.

But can you imagine how it feels to give a lecture in front of a dozen students?
Well, I felt a lot better giving this lecture than in all talks I had to give in school about topics I didn't care for!
Maybe there could be a future as a professor for me? We will see..............................................

And for the end some further words about the problem I fixed:
On my laptop (with Pentium III) I had the problem, that some functions in the SciPy module for Python did not work and returned only 'Illegal instruction'. On the web I found a suitable patch. So I did recompile NumPy and SciPy.

OK, forget the good news! The bug still exists :(