Browser Stats

Browser Stats on my sites

Browser StatsToday I did a little analysis of my Google Analytics accounts and spent some time looking at the browsers people were using to visit my homepage and the homepage of my work group at the University.

I noticed that Firefox is dominating the field, as did the people at some time ago, too. So I am very curious why other people say that IE is the dominant browser??

Anyway, I cannot understand why IE should be the most popular or even the best browser. In many online reviews, e.g. by ComputerBILD, the IE is titled the "browser king", but the benchmark test results tell a different story: IE does not win even one benchmark!

As one could have seen clearly, the ComputerBILD test has won Chrome followed by Firefox. I have no idea how somebody could come to a different result...

Benchmark values

These are the official test scorings of the different browsers from ComputerBILD:

Internet Explorer 9 (final) 0,23 16,12 2.418 100
  10 (PP2) 0,22 15,47 2.406 93
Firefox 11 (final) 0,21 3,11 7.003 100
  12 (Beta) 0,22 3,07 7.573 100
Chrome 18 (final) 0,23 2,73 9.318 100
  19 (dev) 0,19 2,72 12.078 100
Opera 11 (final) 0,26 11,37 3.640 100
  12 (Alpha) 0,23 - 4.772 100
Safari 5 (final) 0,24 17,38 2.644 100

As one could have seen clearly seen in this table, the ComputerBILD test has won Chrome followed by Firefox. The worst browser in the test are clearly IE and Safari! The correct order on the podest would have been:

1. Chrome
2. Firefox
3. Opera
4. IE
5. Safari